Mobile Phone Technology Timeline

Based on my research, the information below present on timeline of mobile phone technology from year 1943 until now.

car phone_small_square1
17th Jun, 1943

First phone call made

first moblie phone_small_square2

8th Aug, 1946

First mobile phone


3rd Apr, 1973

First mobile phone call


5th Dec, 1979

First cellular network


5th Dec, 1982

Nokia’s first phone.

phone call_small_square6

3rd Aug, 1990

first mobile phone call made

first 2g phone_small_square7

5th Dec, 1990

First second generation phone


5th Jun, 1993

Introduction of texting


5th Dec, 1993

Sms first created

old phone texting_small_square10

4th Jun, 1995

First commercial text sent


5th Dec, 1996

Cell Phone fashion


2nd Apr, 1998

First phone with Bluetooth

blackberry kickstart_small_square13

2nd Jan, 1999

First blackberry


2nd Aug, 2000

First Smartphone

3g nokia_small_square15

5th Dec, 2000

First 3G phone

camera phone_small_square16

4th May, 2002

First camera phone

images (1)_small_square17

8th Sep, 2005

Music on cell phones

images (2)_small_square18

7th Jul, 2007

iPhone original

images (3)_small_square19

5th Dec, 2013

The future


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