Components of User Experience

Components of User Experience Design

I am arguing that UX design involves various aspects of design that focus on the user’s need. 

As refer to Matthew Magain, UX designers is to design behind the visuals. The terms like information architecture, user interface designer, user interfaction designer or usability specialist, these can all be considered as UX professionals. My argument is agreed by Matthew Magain.

Now they might specialise in marketing or technology. Maybe they come from a user research, social media, or even customer support background. Either way, they’re all asking a ton of questions, and following a quasi-scientific process to do the design behind the visuals.

The term of the user experience was coined by Don Norman while he was Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple. In his own words: “I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual.

According to Kimmy Paluch (2006), as refer to the diagram below each of these elements makes up a large part of the user experience designuser experience design explained

User Experience Design as a Form of Design

Based on a single or series of interactions and first-hand impressions with a product, or system, users create a rich experience that can be satisfactory, engaging, enjoyable, etc.

When we begin to speak about the design of this experience, we are referring to the planning and construction of the various parts that will affect the experience. The design consists of a strong framework with visual elements and cues for added clarity and richness.


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