Sketching User Exp. Review: Part 1


PART I: Design as Dreamcatcher

The Role of Design pg.73

Our inventions are likely to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end. —–  Henry David Thoreau

Figure 23: Inserting an Explicit Design Process Prior to Green Light

The process is represented as a funnel, since the number of concepts to emerge is always anticipated to be fewer than the number that enter. Design is a process of elimination & filtering as well as generation.

It is just as inappropriate to have an engineer manage the design process as it is to have a designer who graduated from art college be responsible for the products’s engineering details.

Figure 24: No Silos

A representation of the proposed ongoing responsibilities of the various teams throughout the overall process. Of central importance for our purposes is the notion that “design” includes the design of the business & engineering plans, as well as the product itself. In this way it is no different than filmmaking.

The Question of Design pg.95

Societies do not evolve because their members simply grow old, but rather because their mutual relations are transformed. —- Hya Prigogine

The activity of sketching is design. So, even if we can’t define design, we can perhaps nevertheless still gain some insights into its nature & practice by taking some time to delve the nature of sketching.

Figure 32: Two Renderings of a Mountain Bike
The above view is expository. It shows the design in an objective way. In the one on the facing page, it was decided to render the bike in a stance that was less neutral —- one that started to project some character, a kind of embedded playfulness.


4 thoughts on “Sketching User Exp. Review: Part 1

  1. good job! I From your research, I found that you had research a lot of designing interaction.
    Therefore, do you think that design is everything ? The everything I means is everything, that include your life, behavior, culture and etc.

    For examples, my interaction for design is not interaction with other design, but is life. What design change you ?
    This is the key for the design interaction.

    • Thanks for your comment, Chia Peng. I somehow think that every designer is influenced by culture, experience and knowledge. I do agree with you in the sense that the design do exist in our daily life include print media & digital media.
      By the way, design does change me a lot. Most importantly I learn about the color matching which help me to cope with the paint on my bedroom, daily attire with the accessory to wear & more.
      I strongly believe that a good design will give a strong impact to the audience so that they can purchase the product. What do you think?

  2. You have some good research sources here – but this blog seems mostly the text and illustrations directly from these sources – what do you think of them? I can see the collection you’re making and guess the connections you’re making – but I don’t really know from this what argument you are developing. – What threads do you see between these sources? – What lines of argument will you make?

    • Hi, Ms Sarah. My essay title is the importance of user experience design in influencing the future trend of mobile technology development.
      I will take note of your comments and I will post more blogs to focus on the relationship between UX design & mobile technology. Please check out my blog update from time to time. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks

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