Designing Interactions Review: Part 10

10 People and Prototypes

Various people

The hierarchy is based on the type of human factors that is relevant to the design context in each level of complexity

a Bill Moggridge
Bill Moggridge describes the process of interaction design as it is practiced at IDEO. He believes that if we think first about people and then try, try, and try again to prototype designs, we stand a good chance of creating innovative solutions that people will value and enjoy.

b Jane Fulton Suri

Jane Fulton Suri has pioneered the integration of human factors into the design process at IDEO. She has developed methods that help design teams learn about people and derive insights from that knowledge to inspire design. She has also explored the use of prototypes for understanding existing experiences, investigating design ideas, and communicating design concepts.

IDEO methods cards

Learn: Flow analysis, Cognitive task analysis, Historical analysis & Affinity diagrams

Look: Fly on the wall, A day in the life, Shadowing & Personal inventory
2013-10-09 18.34.44Ask: Conceptual landscape, Collage, Foreign correspondents & Card sort

Try: Empathy tools, Scenarios, Next year’s headlines & Informance


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