Designing Interactions Review: Part 5

5 Play

20131006_220252Child’s play

a. Brenda Laurel
Purple Moon screens
Left column Rockett’s New Adventure at school & her way of thinking
Center column Coloring the steps, to find the magic stone & put it in the purse

Brenda Laurel tells of starting Purple Moon to create games for preteen girls, and brings a point of view from theater, research, and academia, as well as a lifetime of experience with play.

b. Will Wright
20131006_220654-2 20131006_220645
Will Wright is a founder of Maxis, an Electronic Arts subsidiary, and creator of the Sims. He is the best-known guru in game design, partly because the Sims is the best-selling game of all time for personal computers, but more significantly because he is so articulate about what he does and how he does it. He gives a lucid account of the attributes behind well-designed play.


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