Designing the Mobile User Exp. Review: Part 9

9 Research and Design Process
User experience management adds deliverables, design activities, user research, and user interface design pattern library management.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.53.16 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.55.08 AM

9.2 User Research
The object of user research is to get a sophisticated understanding of users’ tasks, goals, and context, to make better design decisions throughout the design process. Typical methods include ethnographic research, user interviews, and focus groups.

The mobile application may need extra information to facilitate good design decisions. Common information includes:

  • what type of devices the user has
  • what carrier and type of plan the user has
  • how the user makes decisions on which devices to buy
  • what applications on the devices are used
  • how many people are contacted using the device
  • frequency of contacting these other people
  • where the user uses applications
  • how the user personalizes the device: stickers, wallpapers, ring tones, 

9.3 Design Phase Testing
9.3.1 Card Sorting
Card sorting is an information architecture research tool. It is used to help designers understand how users understand and think about organization and labels for information within the context of a large site. In short, it helps designers put information where the users expect the information to be.

9.3.2 Wizard of Oz Testing
Wizard of Oz testing is a design concept assessment tool. It allows quick user assessment of the structure of an application without interference from application polish. The architecture and layout is reviewed, not the fonts and colors.

Wizard of Oz testing will not reveal problems with:
a. color
b. font
c. legibility
d. text input
e. softkey versus screen control allocation

It will reveal issues with:
a. application structure
b. item labels
c. navigation



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