Designing the Mobile User Exp. Review: Part 7 & 8

 7 Graphic and Media Design

7.1 Composition for the Small Screen
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.15.02 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.15.16 AM

7.1.2 Distinguishing from User-generated Content
Quality microphones, cameras, and so forth will go a long way to improving the user experience.

7.2 Video and Animation
The type of content you are capturing affects users’ perceived quality. For example, a ‘talking head’ can deliver a good user experience on relatively slow networks with lower frame rates.

7.3 Sound
In exchange lossy encoding gives better compression, which improves the user experience.

8 Industry Players

8.1 Carriers (Operators)
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.32.39 AM
The carrier makes revenue based on monthly use, with greater profits for high voice use, high text or data use, and services. Ease of use and overall user experience have a significant effect on how often the user uses the carrier’s services.

8.2 Device Manufacturers
Motorola has made significant investments in user experience for its handsets, but is much better at creating hardware that becomes extremely popular as compared with good software.

8.3 Technology and Platform Providers
There are a number of companies providing software to go directly onto the handset. This includes predictive text software, user interface skinning software, and ad serving software. This software has large impacts on the user experience of the phone.


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