Designing the Mobile User Exp. Review: Part 5

5 Mobile Design Principles

5.1 Mobilize, Don’t Miniaturize

Personal Device
These simple facts have a number of implications for the design of security in applications:
a. Password entry need not be masked. The difficulty of text entry makes password entry costly to the user
b. Account cookies should not expire quickly.
c. Some sensitive data can optionally be saved on the device

5.2 User Context
a. Geographic location, such as from GPS, can determine travel status.
b. Precise location, such as from a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth.
c. Motion and temperature sensors to detect user movement, air temperature, and gestures.
d. Calendars can provide likely user activity.
e. Cameras can capture images directly, or recognize image contents such as bar codes, faces, traffic signs,       or other environmental data.
f. Local data sources, accessed by Bluetooth, RFID, Wi-Fi, or other mechanisms, can be used to allow the local environment to talk to the mobile device.

5.3 Handling Device Proliferation

5.3.1 Targeted Design
The simplest approach to developing a multi-device application is to simply identify a set of devices and then develop an instance of the application for each device.

To make this approach work is to design for a platform with highly specific device characteristics, such as native Palm, Windows Mobile, or Symbian UIQ devices.

The main benefit of this approach is that the application can have the best possible user experience on each device.

5.3.4 Class-based Design
To enhance the user experience and functionality of applications, automatic translation can be enhanced to become class-based design.


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