Designing the Mobile User Exp. Review: Part I-4


1 Introduction: Mobility is Different

The Carry Principle
A Personal communications devices, or PCDs is
a. Personal. The device generally belongs to only one person, is personally identifiable.
b. Communicative. The device can send and receive messages of various forms & connect with the network in     various ways.
c. Handheld. The device is portable.
d. Wakable. The device can be awakened quickly by the user or 
the network.

2 Mobile Users in the Wild

Mobile User Characteristics
a. Mobile
b. Interruptible & Easily Distracted
c. Available
d. Socialable
e. Contextual
f. Identifiable

Groups and Tribes
a. Voice & Texting
b. Extending Online Communities
c. Physical & Mobile Hybrids
d. Mobiles as Status

3 Mobile Devices

3.1 A Device Taxonomy
Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 6.38.23 AM

3.2 Anatomy of the PCD

Input Mechanisms
a. Focus Control
b. Commands
c. Text & Character Entry
d. Environmental Data
e. Other Computers

a. Browsers
b. Messaging
c. Application Platforms
d. Media Players

4 Selecting Application Technologies

Interaction Responsiveness
The responsiveness demanded by your users and application should match what the platform can provide. The fastest response is found in well-designed compiled applications with memory management being run directly on the processor rather than in a virtual environment.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 6.52.38 AM



2 thoughts on “Designing the Mobile User Exp. Review: Part I-4

  1. You have quite good points here and i found that they are missed in my research. You have reminded me regarding to designing user experience for mobile user which is quite related to my topic, “Describe best practice in user experience design for mobile application”. I’ve get to know more about user experience through reading your blog, thanks and keep going with good work!

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