1st week on Convergence Design (Day 2)

Transmedia Storytelling or Convergent Narrative
Lecture of today is conducted by Mark & Chris.

1. Transmedia
a. Heroesheroes_cast

Check out the Heroes Trailer at http://youtu.be/KMb38fdaQo0.

b. Why so serious?

c. Blair Witch
The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 American horror film written and directed by Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick.

2. User Generated Content
a. Prometheus Project

Prometheus Project has created a series of promotion via multiplatform. It is a great example of immersive storytelling, where fans can engage with the narrative on a physical and digital level, and it certainly raises the bar for future film releases.  – Samantha Fox
Website: http://www.projectprometheus.com/
TED 2023 Viral Clip: http://youtu.be/v2BxH-xwc9M 

3. Participatory Culture
a. Twitter experience 
Betty Draper 
& The Talking Dead are using Twitter to get more participation of audience among the community.

b. Collaborative storytelling project
The background of Clockwork Watch is made up of the original narrative, as well as contributions from participants who all retain ownership of their respective IP. The aim of this project is to create a sandpit where participants can experience a ‘make believe’ world, interact with the narrative, contribute to an alternate history, and propose creative adjustments to the story.

c. Media form (billboard)
McDonald’s: Interactive ‘Pick N’ Play’ Billboard

It is a great interactive outdoor campaign.‘Pick N’ Play’ offers the user a fun and interactive challenge. It is using a large interactive billboard users can control the game via their mobile phones enabling interaction with the billboard. Players choose their treats and if they last for more than 30 seconds they win a coupon, earning them free fast food at a nearby McDonalds. This digital coupon is automatically sent to the users phone.

Task 2: Create transmedia storytelling via multiplatform in Prezi
What we do?
Our group is doing a storytelling about Snow White and The Hobbit. The user to have to scan the QR code to download the link in order to read the story online. At the end, it will direct the user to The Hobbit official website. This is to let user experience a new way of storytelling via different platforms. qr-code2

Reflection after the presentation
We can present a storytelling to people via different media or platform. A song can combine with an image to form a transmedia storytelling. Combining media-platforms to tell a story will allow a deeper experience for our audience.


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