1st week on Convergence Design (Day 1)

Introduction to the module
Chris Chadwick, Mark Smith & Ian Bradley conducts this module. We will learn for multi-platform delivery including participatory interaction, transmedia storytelling and fan-based culture.

Lecture of today is conducted by Ian & Chris.

Convergence Culture
Convergence is about enriching the user experience across a range of platform devices, developing content to be repurposed appropriately across multiple platforms. This experience will involve good design and navigational principles.

Find out more about the blog of Henry Jenkins explains about Convergence Culture.

Task 1: Alternative exploration for Cathedral buildings
What we do?

We had visited to Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals. Since this task need to involve space and user engagement, we think of utilise one of the display objects in Anglican Cathedral. Whenever the user steps onto a red button on the floor, the sensor will detect it. The sleeping Jesus sculpture will wake up. The sinner has to be honest by confessing sins in front of it.  After that, a white spotlight will be spotted onto body of the sinner (God had forgives him). Then, his image will be captured & display on the wall of the Cathedral (he is a good guy).

Reflection after the presentation
This is a good way to think of some alternative activity, exhibition, installation/ events to encourage interaction and participation among the visitors.

What i do?
I think of modifying a room for prisoner of Metropolitan Cathedral into a room for sinner. We can install an interactive screen on the wall. While the sinner sit on the stool to confess his sin to the God, a virtual God will communicate with him via the screen. After the section, a note from heaven (color note) is passed down to his hand from top of the ceiling. Red: Think twice! Yellow: Give it a try! Green: No worry!

Reflection after the presentation
This idea is to engage user to experience talking to the virtual God who is acts like the ‘fortune teller’. It will help to solve the problem encounter by the God people. It is good to have a room for confession & get some hints to solve for a problem.


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