World Museum

I have visited to the World Museum to explore on The Art of Indian Storytelling exhibition on 27 June.
India is a land of great stories and great storytellers. India storytellers have thrilled audiences for centuries with tales of local warriors and saints and the epic battles of good versus evil. Colors, textures, sounds & smells combine in a dazzling display of historic artefacts, models & multimedia exhibits. Giant painted story scrolls show how contemporary Indian artists portray news, current affairs and information.

1. The battle of lizard & snake by Nankushiya Shyam 2009
In the jungle there is always a battle to survive – here the lizard & the snake are fighting. The wonderful patterns make up are a parts of Gond art. I can see the details & neat work from this storyteller.

2. Water drawn from a well by Sonabai & Darogaram 2005
The storytellers wanted to show the daily life of village India. During Sonabai’s experimenting, she crushed & mixed spices and plants to make colors & she painted dried plant fibres black to make her figure’s hair.

3. Lakshmi & Saraswati by Govind Jogi 2008
Lakshmi & Saraswati are two of the most popular Goddesses in India. Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth holds clay pots. Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning & the Arts. She sits on her transport, the peacock & plays music.


4. Pithora painting by Paresh Jayantilal Rathwa 2009
This massive Pithora painting has been painted on canvas for us, but normally it would be painted onto the wall. Painting like these were once made as maps of the Rathwa’s universe. The painting’s border represents the boundary of the Rathwa world. Now they are made at times of trouble and celebration.

5. Gujarat Earthquake by Mantu Chitrakar 2007
In January 2001, the state of Gujarat in Northwest India was hit by a powerful earthquake; it destroyed everything when it struck.

6. Gazi Pir by Mantu Chitrakar 2007
Gazi Pir is a Muslim holy man worshipped by both Muslims and Hindus in West Bengal. Here, Gazi Pir sits astride a magnificent tiger that he has tamed. He is surrounded by his followers.

7. Embroidered Panel – Peacocks & Tree of Life in Punjab 19th Century
Zardozi embroidery with its gold & silver threads combined with pearls, sequins & precious stones was thought so beautiful the Hindu Gods dressed themselves in it.


8. Bharatanatyam Dance Costume in Tamil Nadu
Bharatanatyam  is the most popular of all classical Indian dances. It was originally performed in the great Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, by a single dancer called a devadasis, or servant of God.

9. Lord Ganesha by Kalam Patua 2008
If Ganesha wants to get somewhere fast his mouse will carry him there! Ganesha is a much loved Hindu God making him a popular subject for Kalighat artists like Kalam Patua.

10. Woman as Inspiration by Pushpa Kumari 2007
A woman has many sides to her, she can be a mother, fighter &  scholar. Pushpa shows the different sides of a woman by drawing her with three-heads. This is a symbol of the many powers she can display at any one time. 


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