Victoria Gallery@Tate Hall Museum

Today, I visit to the Victoria Gallery to check out some works from LOOK/13. I also spend some time to discover some history artefacts at Tate Hall Museum.
gallery copy

1.The Queen, The Chairman And I
The new body of work by Kurt Tong explores his heritage through new photographs, treasured family photographs and writing. Begun as a visual storybook to share his roots with his daughters. Tong considers questions of individuality, identity, nationality and country. Tong hopes that his family stories might encourage you to think about your own ancestors and roots.
Personally, I am impressed by the concept of the photographer which is the inherited relationship and culture. For further exploration, please check out,%20The%20Chairman%20and%20I/14/kurttong

2. John James Audubon 1785-1851
Audubon was born to a sea captain and a maid in Santo Domingo, today’s Haiti. Even as a child he said he,
                                          ‘felt an intimacy with nature bordering on frenzy’
Alone in the wilderness, he would spend months hunting, fishing and drawing. Audubon realized his pictures of birds were more natural. In 1838, Audubon published Birds of America.john james

3. Tate Hall MuseumboneStone tobacco dentist 


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