Social media engagement

Groundwire’s article on the six stages of engagement is super popular.  This article outlines how you can move people up the pyramid of engagement, from “observing” your organization to “leading” your organization.

This quick Surfrider Foundation video neatly outlines how groups can apply this ladder of engagement to their offline and online work.

From the Forrester’s new Social Technographics report by Charlene Li, consumers can be grouped into six different categories of participation.

From the article of Andreana, she introduced about different types of engagement (online and offline).
The chart that, explains this best is an adapted version of Aliza Sherman‘s Facebook Ladder of Love. I believe that this can be used not only for Facebook but for all social platforms because it relies on the theory of participation inequality (Whittaker, S., Terveen, L., Hill, W., and Lynn Cherny in “The dynamics of mass interaction”).
One can be aware of a brand’s online presence through friends’ feeds and/or engagement/relevancy/sponsored story ads, or whatever else Facebook, Twitter and the rest want to call their advertising platforms. active participation somehow needs more effort and devotion than interaction does. And leadership necessitates loyalty first.


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