Bluecoat gallery

On 13 June, I caught a chance to drop by to the Bluecoat gallery to check out some works from LOOK/13gallery

1. Translations 2013
Translations is a person-centred project working with a group of Iranian people living in the UK. The group used mask-making, sculpture & photography during a series of workshops, to explore ideas around identity, change & the future.

Ehsan depicts about although we as human beings share the same needs & have similar hopes & wishes for the future we have managed to create many different cultures & nations. When these cultures & nations work together, it can be very beautiful.

Liya’s work describes that the world around us is full of objects that enthusiastically look out for us then eagerly & amorously leap out at us. Be it sunrise/sunset, these objects all have something to contribute to the beauty of the natural world. At first glance stones can seem cold & lifeless, nut when you look closer you may be surprised to see a kindly wink/ a mischievous smile emerge, a natural air of tender loving care.

I personally impressed by the mask wearing by a female holding a card “Am I guilty?” From my interpretation of this work, it should describe about the status of the female. She is feeling sad as I can see the tears droplets clearly from the mask. Perhaps in our life, we have done some mistakes. However, people should not blame us for this as everyone should be treated fairly.translations

2. Identity Documents, 2013
Adam Lee explores the relationship between our possessions & our identities or personalities. We define our possessions by choosing them & having interest in what they represent, but they in turn come to define who we are, by informing others of our choices, experiences & interests. For further exploration, please check out Lee

3. Art into Pop/ Pop into Art
The connection between popular music & contemporary art has been a thread running through the Bluecoat’s programme. Two series of live art commissions- Live From The Vinyl Junkyard (1996) & Mixing It (1997)– responded to the advent of digital technologies in music production & distribution, & the increasing dominance of mixing & sampling.
2013-06-13 14.54.22



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