2nd week on Creative Media Technology (Day 9)

4. Interactive video on YouTube
Annotations are text overlays that you can place on YouTube videos. There are numerous uses for annotations. Producers are consistently finding new, creative, and strategic ways to apply them to their videos.

This video is interesting as it engages audiences to make selection & preview of the result at real time.

Tutors can come out with this type of approach in order to make the learning of spelling process more fun.
Check out more at A quick guide to interactive YouTube videos & 10 Incredible Interactive YouTube Videos.

Task 5: Interactive Youtube narratives
What we do?
We plan to create a girl who is gifted with magical power. It is from the first viewer side. So, the audiences will give two options to select for each situation. The scene takes place at the kitchen (decide on what beverage to drink), in the house (decide on which shoes to wear), front door (decide on which place to go) and in the public (deal with snatch thief).

Reflection after the presentation
The insertion of annotation into Youtube video definitely is a brilliant work out in improving the user interactivity. Some works done by our classmates include road safety, trick in class, dating, making decision on food selection, mini game e.g. coin selection and etc. It is fun to let the audiences decide on which ending or result based on personal preference. This is somehow an alternative way in telling story to the audiences.


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