2nd week on Creative Media Technology (Day 7)

2. Group activity on brainstorming ideas
a. Create an app to solve a problem
Our lecturer start up to ask us brainstorm for any problem. Then, we have to ask the right question to the problem. Finding solution to solve this issue. Throughout the process, we get inspiration from single word, images, objects and so on. Our problem is about ‘Punctuality’. Question is ‘How to be on time?’. Our solution is to create an app which will remind user to be punctual. It runs based on point collection method. Special ringtones will be the award. After all, we are training you to be a ‘Punctual King’!



b. Telling a story via a painting
Each group needs to create a piece of artwork based on the object assigned. Our group is given a small key. Hence, we start up with a mysterious story depicts about the magical power of this key. This key is the main source to unlock the forbidden Dark Magic. The story revolves around the owner of the key misuse it and leads to the disaster in mankind. The only way to stop the evil power from ongoing is to throw the three balls onto the three holes within the key.


 Reflection after the activity
We learn to have a fun & creative way in brainstorming ideas. We can get inspiration by referring to an object, browse through some images or pop up with text. Throughout the process, we get to exchange opinions among our group. Meanwhile, we also get to know the ideas presented by other group. Our perception of solving problem is related to personal which is Punctuality. However, it is unlike for other groups. They might think of improving for other problems. For instance, QR code for buses, food generator, sign language tutorial as well as pet caring. This session really bring a lot of challenge yet joyful to us.


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