2nd week on Creative Media Technology (Day 6)

1. Isadora and Interactivity

 ”To dance is to live. What I want is a school of life.” – Isadora Duncan

According to Isadora, the development of her dance was a natural phenomenon – not an invention, but a rediscovery of the classical principles of beauty, motion, and form. Her dances were born of the impulse to embrace life’s bittersweet challenges, meeting destiny and fate head-on in her own whirlwind journey, filled with both tragedy and ecstasy. She was determined to “dance a different dance,” telling her own life story through abstract, universal expressions of the human condition.

Isadora Duncan’s death was as dramatic as her life. On September 14, 1927, she encountered a young driver in Nice, France and suggested he take her for a spin in his open-air Bugatti sports car. As the car took off, she reportedly shouted to her friends, “Adieu, mes amis, je vais a la gloire!” — “Goodbye my friends, I go to glory!” Moments later, her trailing shawl became entangled in the rear wheel, breaking her neck instantly.

Besides that, The Fun Theory also introduce some creative campaigns using Isadora software to get the attention from the audiences.

Task 3: Exploaration & experiments with Isadora software
What we do?
Our group plans to create an interactive campaign on fitness & health. We found that a lot of the people nowadays is having obesity problem. Therefore, this interactive campaign involves the use of Isadora to track live action from the audiences. They will need to do a series of exercise include lifting virtual dumbbell, running on a virtual machine and so on.

Brainstorming of idea

Samples of tryout

a. Dots to trigger movement
trigger movement
b. Live capturing movement
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.17.05 PM
c. Link to OSC on smartphone

Reflection after the exploration
There is a certain skills to be involved in using Isadora software. With the creation of Isadora, a lot of creative input can be created. For instance, track sound, track movement, image manipulation & etc.


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