1st week of Creative Media Technology

1. Introduction to the Module
Mark Smith & Ian Bradley conducts this module. Both of the lecturers are experienced and had a wide knowledge about the field of creative media technology. They introduced about the previous as well as the latest innovative idea to us.

2. Audio Narrative
The entire sound track of Digital Audio Design is comprised of 3 essential ingredients:

  1. the human voice
  2. sound effects
  3. music

These 3 tracks must be mixed to achieve a balance to produce the necessary emphases that in turn create desired effects.
Web and Scripted Audio & Sound Maps are some of the brilliant applications of audio that impressed me a lot. Rob Bridgett as the audio director also created a range of sound trailers. One of the stunning artwork is Prototype Intro (Sound Design,Mix, Editorial,Foley).

Task 1: Create an audio narrative
What we do?
Our group is doing a soundscape entitled as “The Escape”. The story depicts about the process of a guy being chased by a group of people (enemy). The location takes place at the coffee shop, street side and small array. At the end, he succeeds to escape from the caught by the gang of people. To reveal his trick is that he hides himself behind a huge garbage bin.

Reflection after the presentation
Audio narrative can be presented in several ways. It can be used to describe a journey of cycling, nightlife in Liverpool, man out of time, daily chores and etc. It also applicable in a way to create rhythm using different kitchen utensils, recycle material e.g. box or body language e.g. hands clapping.

3. The Triptych & Multiscreen Narrative
a. Triptych
    It is a work of art that is divided into three sections. The triptych is an earlier form of screen narrative, Lev
Manovich describe it as ‘spatial or windows montage’.

the-garden-of-earthly-delightsHiëronymous Bosch ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ (left: heaven, middle: earth & right: hell)

It is a complex masterpiece contains a vivid array of graphic imagery depicting numerous Biblical stories and was intended to illustrate the history of Mankind following Medieval Christian doctrine.

Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion circa 1944 by Francis Bacon 1909-1992‘Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion’ – Francis Bacon (1944)

The title relates these horrific beasts to the saints traditionally portrayed at the foot of the cross in religious painting.

b. Multiscreen
    More recent use of the multiple screens is the project of  Out of My Window.

out of my windowI personally like this method of presenting the story. It is a new 360° interactive documentary. It brings users to 13 different locations across the globe. Users can opt for where and when they want the stories (49 in total) to begin and end.

Task 2: Formative Triptych Mini
What we do?
Our group is doing a triptych using the concept of traffic light to indicate timing. The project is entitled as “Shift”. When the traffic light changes into red, the actor will be stopped e.g. waiting. When the traffic light changes into yellow, the actor will be slowing down e.g. slow dance. When the traffic light changes into green, the actor will be fast e.g. eating ice cream while it melts.

Reflection after the presentation
Triptych does not mean to divide the screen into 3 windows equally. It can be presented using different shape, overlay method as so on. One of the crucial elements that we forgot is to create a looping effect. A few samples showed included in the law court and plant growing process. 


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