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likelihoodResearch of Likelihood of Purchase
A recent article came out in the September Harvard Business Review.  The article is titled “Better Customer Insights – in Real Time”.

Based on this research, users’ social network falls somewhere in between ‘Word of Mouth’ results and ‘Seeing the Product in Friends Home’ results. Thus, when a user shares a brand’s content to their social network it directly impacts the bottom line.

Tips to Run an Online Contest by Voices Heard Media
#1 Reach as many people as possible                   #3 Be everywhere
#2 Winners based on Number of Votes                  #4 Testing Different marketing methods
This has the following effect:                                •Facebook Ads for the Facebook tab
•Dramatically increases sharing                            •Email Blast for the website

•Increases traffic to the website                            •QR codes in store for mobile
•Increases return traffic

Case Study on Moviefone’s Biggest ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Searchaolharrycase_page
Spark Magic! Moviefone found it could use the Voices Heard Media contest as a promotional tool to create a viral campaign across the web.  Among its most successful social events was a contest inviting visitors to submit a video (embedded as a YouTube video) demonstrating why they were the Number 1 Harry Potter fan.

The Results:

•30,000 unique visitors on the page in 7 days
•18,000 interactions (votes, comments and submissions)
•300 ‘shares’ on external social media sites (200 via Facebook)
•37 video submissions

The leading video had 1.3 million YouTube views within 10 days!  The winning video was featured on URLesque, Perez Hilton, and by many other sites and bloggers.



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