“Forget technology, think anthropology”


Mike Walsh is an expert in explaining new patterns of consumer behaviour and disruptive technologies in emerging markets. It is more important to understand users’ behavior than to understand technology – this believes the future researcher Mike Walsh.

In Mike’s article of The Honeybee Effect, he mentioned about web browser has access to the trends, history, current news and culture of just about any country on earth. This is described as ‘Borderless’. Context is the tactical awareness, through direct lived experience, of what global trends and innovations are relevant and translate-able to other markets.

He also discussed about the value of perpetual motion for the modern nomad is the power of networks. Rather than technological, these networks are human – finding the people based connections in specific markets necessary for completing a task. Surfing on the Google will answer most of our enquiries and questions.

Furthermore, Mike encourages the leader today to cultivate ‘Dual Horizon” thinking. As navigating a path to the future is not simple. And worse yet, the pace of both technological and consumer change today means that you no longer have the luxury of waiting until the market catches up before you make your move. In other words, this mean that the leader today should take incentive steps to trial emerging technologies, break business rules and most of all, to think big.


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