What is my research interest?

Research Topic:
The research topic I have chosen is Online Contest in Engaging Website User.

Research Hypothesis:
In my research, I have hypothesized to explore on the online contest in engaging website user. I think, online contest will increase the site traffic as it involves user experience. The entrants of a contest are required to promote the content on their own private social media channels to get more votes. When entrants share their content on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, this is a tacit personal endorsement of a brand.

Research Questions:
Based on the factors contributing to my hypothesis, I have come to look at the below questions:
My research primary question is to define “Would online contest boosts the engagement of website users?”
And the secondary question in my research is to find out “How the engagement of user affects the social media marketing?”

User interaction is one measure of the ability to connect user to a website. Thus, this research is to investigate is online contest will boost the engagement of website users. I also want to find out for the site traffic/marketing of this User Generated Content (UGC) website.

Finding on how the online contests work:
The research will be conducted for a series of new launch food for a brand named Zomato. Participates need to register themselves at the website to take part in the “Shoot & Win Contest”. They just need to upload a photo of themselves with a Zomato food to the website. The photo also has to be uploaded as the profile picture in Facebook to get more ‘like’ as the vote from fans. After a month, votes will be counted. The winners will then be announced in the Zomato website. They can either win fabulous prizes or gift vouchers. The contest only involves 3 steps: Shoot, Upload & Vote!

Expected Result:
The site traffic is expected to boost up throughout the process of organizing this “Shoot & Win Contest”. There will be more users get attracted to the contest, as it is very fun and easy.
This contest will also draw new users to Zomato social media portals and Web pages where they can learn more about the company and its offerings. By organising this contest, it would help to build awareness and popularity of a brand within social networking community.

Theoretical Framework:


Research in depth:
The above theoretical framework shows the common ways on running Online Contest via social media networking. This is somehow a great marketing strategy to boost up the site traffic. It even attracts more new users to get know more about a company and its offer.
However, my research is to find out a better solution to get the engagement of website user from time to time. The User Generated Content (UGC) should be worked automatically despite running on online contest campaigns.

Question to the research:
How to maintain a high traffic website? How to attract more potential users in contributing the content to a website? Who are the users that will get hook on this type of UGC website? Is social media networking is a reliable platform to perform this online advertising campaign? What is the alternative way to replace online contest? How to increase the engagement of website user? Will UGC affect the marketing sale of a company?

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2 thoughts on “What is my research interest?

  1. Hi Queenie, looking forward to meeting you.

    I am enjoying reading your research posts. John Maeda is a good starting point. Try having a look at a book called Futuretainment by Mike Walsh. There may be something of interest in Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins. See if you can research more projects, theorists and key thinkers who are relevant in this area.

    Enjoy the research


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