My Final Year Project

The project I proud of:
One of the projects that I proud of is my Final Year Project. This is a group project done by four of our members undertaking the Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design course in Tar College.

My position & my task:
I am the website designer who is responsible to create a promotional website for this project. The website will then link to social media networking as the next step to promote the game.

My design principles:
In the respect of design style, I emphasise on the principle of consistency. I want to have an identity for the website, so all the pages should have a common feel or atmosphere.I focus on the consistency among layout, backgrounds, color scheme, navigational bar and tone of voice.
After creating, the website runs through the user testing process  in multiple browsers. I make improvements and alteration after the user testing.

Research to carry out to accomplish this project:
The website creation involves the 6 steps of design process as below:
(1) Define
(2) Plan
(3) Design
(4) Build
(5) Test
(6) Launch

Check out for the links refer to this project at FB page & website page.

Media to produce in two years time:
After graduated from the LJMU, I will seek for web designer job most probably based in KL area. I think of joining myself into web design agency because I wish to get more experience in terms of meeting the client requirements. I think working at web design agency somehow much more challenging to me if compared to in house-designer jobs.
I wish to produce media includes Content Management System (CMS), mobile apps, infographic, convergence media and etc. Meanwhile, I also wish to develop some soft skills & hard skills from the teammates.

Research to conduct to inform this future practice:
I will need to keep in pace with the current updates and technology to understand more for the creation of better output work. It is very crucial for me to conduct user testing and usability research to keep on track for the latest user behavior. I also need to ensure the engagement and interactive between the users and the media.

Check out more about the talk by Kevin Kelly about the future of web.


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