FB is overloaded with politic issues

Social networking site is a crucial media to promote for an event, a product or even to spread a word. It is such a trend that people like to post the recent updates and spread the news worldwide via Facebook. My Facebook wall recently is overloaded with those election video clips, posters, slogans and so on. It is indeed a weird phenomenon that Facebook has become a platform to run for “Malaysia Election Propaganda”.

People like to post political status updates on Facebook just to grab more attention from the crowds. They’re rarely giving much insightful comments to arise argument. Their intention is merely to ask people Share & Like to their posts. This is to boost their popularity among the peers.

However, I think the government somehow needs to work with the Facebook authority to take control of the content they post. It is too liberal for Facebookers to post any pieces of info on the social networking site. Sensitive issues are widely spread via Facebook. The issues include racist, religion, national language, politic and Malay privilege.

This is somehow a serious offend if someone that brings hatred, contempt or disaffection to the government, evokes the feeling of the people for the government of the changes in a way that is unlawful. According to Sedition Act, a person found guilty of sedition maybe sentenced to three years in jail, a RM5,000 fine, or both.

Hence, the government should filter those sensitive issues post randomly by those Facebookers. Consequently, this will threaten the peace, safety and unity of our nation. It is no wrong to reveal the truth statements to the Malaysian. However, I somehow prefer the old approach of spreading news through print media and broadcast. This will help to preserve the human right of Facebookers from involving themselves in sedition offend.

Election Image
Images source from: http://images.google.com/


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